He has loved me for all I am.

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Sometimes things die long before you walk away, and just because you love someone doesn’t mean you should be with them.

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"When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it."

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Some people never sleep well
with all those ghosts
walking their halls.

So they wander
searching for sheets
that sing lullabies
and instead of
horror stories.

Until the day
soft stranger hearts
open doors
to foreign couches
that never
felt more like home.

There is still good
in the world.
Just keep looking.

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Sometimes the world is rough.

You can be strong and valiant,
truthful and sincere
and still the serrated edge of reality
will cut you right back down to size.

I asked the old black man
how his face
came to look like the mangled,
twisted roots of an old willow.

He told me at 13
coming home from work
a police officer
assaulted him,
believing he was part of a gang.

That was in the 80’s he said.

“When the color of your skin
determined if you told the truth.

Regardless of the truth.”

Nothing’s changed I feel.

Nearly half a century.
So much time,
so much waste.

How can we ever know
what’s worth fighting for.

And what humanity
has left to spoil in the sun. 

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I love you. Never forget that.

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Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro #1

My future wife

Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro #1

My future wife

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